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A collaboration that was built in Bologna and then taken to task by California bike customizer Roland Sands, the one-off cruiser stays true to the original XDiavel but adds a healthy dose of Americana into the mix.

The bike has an aerodynamic one-piece body melded to a Ducati trellis frame, a bold-looking 19-inch front wheel and a pair of custom pipes as well as a suite of billet aluminum details.

While building the bike, Sands became even more enamored with the Ducati cruiser, so he also designed a line of accessories and components to go with it."The XDiavel is a beast.

A wolf in wolves' clothing and a serious piece of speed equipment," Sands said.

He fled to Kent, Washington where he was arrested after a manhunt.

In May, 2003, he was convicted and sentenced to eight years.

(AP) — Nine men were arrested in undercover sex trafficking stings during the recent Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

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