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If you answered that dating question with a resounding YES then congratulations you are one of a very elite group and the information you find here may be of very little use to you.If, however, you answered with a big then, rest assured, you are not alone.I know how frustrating this is because I used to do exactly the same thing myself.I'd spend hours searching through different websites looking for information and it was because of this reason that was created. Maybe be the envy of all your friends by proudly walking hand in hand with the love of your life? If you're single or in a relationship, old or young, male or female, then this site is for you.

There are literally thousands of people offering their thoughts, tips and opinions and you may end up visiting well over different sites just to find that one piece of information you are looking for which can become an extremely time consuming exercise.

She is your friend's friend, you get introduced to each other, but something is holding you back.

She is so beautiful that you wonder whether it's really her or if the cheap whisky doing its job.

Would you like to have your log information include the date as part of the log file name?

If you are using Sfxcl.exe, the Secure FX® for Windows command-line client, you can create a DOS batch file to make the log information go to a file with the date as part of the name.


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