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studies the control of metabolic homeostasis by kinase networks centred on the mammalian target of rapamycin (m TOR).

We adopt cell biology, biochemistry, proteomics, and systems approaches.

If you have fantasies of being carried over the threshold, your date is likely physically up to the task.” To that article’s #15 I counter with every coworker I’ve ever had who considered gas station burritos to be a food group.

Besides, paramedics are “ALS” providers and we all know that “ALS” means “Ain’t Lifting Stuff.” Do you really want your romantic pa I’ve decided that there needs to be a bit of truth injected into this important subject area and since there’s nothing that people like more than a Gritty Reboot, I give you my own “15 REAL Reasons to Date a Paramedic.” Enjoy.

Hence, we aim to identify novel m TOR network components and delineate their interconnection in relation to different metabolic inputs and outputs.

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m TOR is a central controller of metabolism and ageing.

m TOR is dysregulated in most cancers as well as in metabolic and neurodegenerative and congenital disorders, and is therefore of major biomedical interest as a drug target and biomarker.


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