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But then someone usually says something like this: “You know, I’m not sure about dating a Japanese guy. In my own country there is very little knowledge or understand of what “Asia” actually is (note: is not a country).But really, the most ridiculous stereotype still being perpetuated is that Asian men are somehow less masculine.Remember a few years back when Lorde’s boyfriend who is of Asian descent got hated on by rabid One Direction fans? Yes, that stereotype is still something that people believe.Don’t think it’s just manic 1D fans shouting into the void.

This is something I was really interested in when I was getting ready to move out here. We met someone that we found affinity and then became couple. If you belong to the majority, we went to hich school and then college.So I wanna put this out there for future sisters looking to move to Japan who are wondering what to expect. The racism is systematic and well known among the non-Japanese community.It’s not strange for a bar to have a “no foreigners” sign or for non-Japanese to be denied an apartment because the landlord “doesn’t rent to foreigners.” And you’ll have people on top of trucks in front of stations sometimes yelling for foreigners to go back home.Seeing how many people are enjoying the page gives us a lot of motivation to bring you new stuff!


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