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A giant crocodile over 24ft (7 metres) long and with razor sharp T-Rex teeth may sound like the stuff of nightmares.But a new study has revealed that such a creature was once the top predator in Jurassic Madagascar.But a new study has revealed that such a creature was once the top predator in Jurassic Madagascar (artist's impression)The crocodile had deep and massive jaw bones armed with enormous serrated teeth similar in size and shape to those of a T-Rex.The tip of a shed tooth showed a deeply worn surface caused by contact with hard food, such as bone and tendon indicating this fearsome animal was both predator and scavenger.Many atheists, neo-pagans, and other disbelievers of Christianity claim the story of Jesus Christ was borrowed from earlier mythologies.In recent years, a claim has been making the rounds that Jesus is based on the Egyptian god, Horus. Horus is one of the oldest recorded deities in the ancient Egyptian religion.Ever wonder why creationism sounds like limp science? Sit back & enjoy the ride as Aron Ra takes you on a Magical Mystery Tour of Blunderland. Even our collective politicians - seemingly all of them - are wrapped up in this controversy.

In the 2008 documentary film describes a God, Horus.When we add up the generations of the Bible, we come to 5700-plus years. God could have put the fossils in the ground and juggled the light arriving from distant galaxies to make the world appear to be billions of years old. God being infinite could have made the world that way. In trying to resolve this apparent conflict, it's interesting to look historically at trends in knowledge, because absolute proofs are not forthcoming.Whereas, data from the Hubble telescope or from the land based telescopes in Hawaii, indicate the age at about 15 billion years. There is another possible approach that also agrees with the ancient commentators’ description of God and nature. But what is available is to look at how science has changed its picture of the world, relative to the unchanging picture of the Torah.Like Jesus, Horus was tempted while alone in the desert, healed the sick, the blind, cast out demons, and walked on water. “Asar” translates to “Lazarus.” Oh, yeah, he also had twelve disciples.Yes, Horus was crucified first, and after three days, two women announced Horus, the savior of humanity, had been resurrected..Except among Biblical inerrantists, it is generally agreed that the Bible describes an immovable earth.


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