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Sometimes we find that the people we’re attracted to aren’t attracted to us, and vice versa. When you do attract a good guy, it’s easy to accidentally push him away or let him go.One of the main reasons why good people don’t connect with one another is because the minute one thing is “off,” one or both of you are on to the next potential partner.Why not give this conversation a more interesting twist by asking them specifically what makes them love their job? Finding out where someone has lived can reveal a lot about what kind of person they are.As a result, you will receive a much more personal, thoughtful response which may inspire a more natural and stimulating conversation away from the mundane reciting of their daily routine. While many find someone who is widely travelled very attractive (in fact it came out as the most sought after quality in the opposite sex in a recent Elite Singles members survey of attractive hobbies), others enjoy their home comforts and seek those who do too. According to a research article on the significance of laughter on Psychology Today, ‘[laughter] is a hidden language that we all speak. And yes, your Goldendoodle that you co-own will walk the rings down the aisle at your wedding. You are one million percent sure you’ll be marrying this guy. You’ll wait for the soft morning light to take your goddess-like photo.

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Sometimes the transition passes really smoothly and right as if it;s written in a book you read.It’s tempting to say they find potential mates everywhere because they’re in good physical shape, financially stable, and have a healthy mindset. Are those the only criteria for successful mid-life dating?Even if you’re a few pounds overweight, have more bills than you’d like, and think men are jerks sometimes, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to stay single, not at all.However, sometimes things take quite a different turn.Trying to make it serious is a huge mistake with both girls and boys which can lead to nothing anyway.You can have the relationship you want—it just takes a little work.


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